Agricultural Society Cierre Sud

The quality artichoke

Selection, control and quality.
These are our rules.
For a quality recognizable at first glance.

Siamo produttori di carciofi della varietà "Romanesco" e lo facciamo in maniera speciale,
combining tradition and innovation in our daily work.

How do I prepare the artichokes?

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Quality packaging for quality artichokes.

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The artichoke, a wellness mine.

They have very few calories, are very tasty and they have a lot of fiber,
as well as a good amount of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium.

For 30 years only royal quality

Da tanti anni ormai il nostro "Romanesco" è un prodotto di alto livello
and distinguishable on the market with an average weight of 500/700 grams peep.
Our artichoke is cultivated according to a strict production
to respect the beneficial qualities of the product and the end user.